32: July 19th, 2015: Payments, Expirations, and the Sea

This week we discussion expirations, fines, counting, breaks, failures, success, sea creatures, and painting.

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31: July 12th, 2015: Thieves, Escapees, and Advertising

This week we follow up on snow, thwarting thieves, capturing escapees, plowing in July, and advertising.

Follow Up

30: July 5th, 2015: Balloons, Fizzles, and Fines.

This week we cover fizzles, pranks, a movie re-enactment, nut theft, rare creatures, justice, and home living.

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29: June 28th, 2015: Buzzing, Bad Luck, Bank Robberies

This week we cover buzzing, forgetting things, bad luck, art, and bank robberies.

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