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Hello and welcome to the Odd World News Podcast 2015 Survey. With it closing in on a year since the podcast was launched, I am trying to learn more about the listeners. I would appreciate you filling out the survey. Your answers will greatly help shape the future of the podcast.

There are two ways to fill out the survey. The first is by going to http://goo.gl/forms/IKwnQ2ehfi or clicking here. The second is by filling in the survey questions right on this page. All responses will remain private and will only be used by myself to figure out how best to proceed with the podcast.

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18: April 12th, 2015: DJs, Bedbugs, Wolverines, and License Plates

This week we cover Disc Jockeys, License Plates, missing features, car thefts, desserts, lawsuits, fashion no-no’s, strange removal techniques, spelling, partial escapes, and a fire.

New Stories

15: March 22nd, 2015: Pools, Jail Time, and Social Media Mistakes

This week we cover pools, disputes, more cheating, stolen items, bites, Most Interesting Ideas, jail time, dogs, bad directions, getting accosted, and dumb social media mistakes.

New Stories

12: March 1st, 2015: Runways, Portraits, and Throwing Bricks

This week we have three follow up stories, white stuff, stink, couples, runways, portraits, lack of questions, drills, and getting caught.

Follow Up

New Stories

5: January 11th, 2015

In this week’s episode we cover drunk drivers, unusual tactics for protestors, cross-border pizza delivery, spending a lot on a little, intelligent dogs, icicles, neighborhood rewards, two food burglaries, and joy riding in Pennsylvania.